I said YES!


I can't say that I didn't know Tyson was going to propose because he did give me the chance to choose my ring. I had mentioned that if I was suppose to wear a ring for the rest of my life I wanted to make sure I could live with it for the rest of my life. He listened and took me ring shopping a few weeks before he was ready to propose. It took us a couple of days, but we finally found a ring that I look forward to wearing for the rest of my life, for its significance as well as its beauty.

I was afraid that because I got to choose my ring the proposal would be less momentous since it wouldn't be a surprise. However, Tyson planned it so thoughtfully that I got to have my "Oh my gosh!" moment after all.

I suspected he was going to propose on my birthday, which we had decided to celebrate by dinning out. We kick off the night at The Cruise Room, an original post prohibition bar inside the Oxford Hotel. Their Manhattan martini chased any nerves away and we were ready to celebrate by the time of our dinner reservation at ChoLon. To my surprise by the end of our meal he still hadn't proposed. I thought then that maybe he would do it during dessert, but when he declined the dessert menu all my suspicions vanished.

As we stepped out of the restaurant I wanted to take advantage of the evening sunlight and asked Tyson to take pictures for the blog. On cue, our friend Paul walks up to me holding his camera. I screamed his ears off anticipating getting to have my picture taken by him! Tyson had asked Paul to take pictures for the blog as a birthday present to me. We ended up walking to the Union Station area when suddenly...

I was so chocked I don't remember Tyson saying the words "marry me," but I do remember thinking he's on one knee holding a ring! say "yes!". The loud cheering from the crowd around us brought me back to the moment.

After crying my eyes out and wiping all my runny makeup off on poor Paul's shirt (which he had kindly offered), I was able to see the carriage in front of us. Tyson had arranged it to take us to an undisclosed destination. To keep me from obsessing over where we were going, Tyson handed me an iPad with a video montage to our song, "Hard To Concentrate" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers he had put together. It had short clips of all our close friends and relatives congratulating us on our engagement. Apparently they had know for weeks!

The final destination was El Latigo, a restaurant owned by an acquaintance of my dad's. It was heart warming to know my dad took part in the planning. He had arranged it so that Tyson and I could enjoy drinks and dessert on him. We sat there for a while, letting the night sink in over flan and mojitos.

8Pictures by Paul Wedlake

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  1. Thanks for sharing Such a beautiful moment. Congrats!!!! Good job Tyson!! Wishing you happiness & Love❤💍

    Anita & Jorge

  2. Lovely post! Let us know the wedding date... you never know, we may just surprise you!

  3. ....and so would we! Let us know...


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