Sweet lace and tough leather. One balances the other. If it were only that easy to find the balance in other things. My personal feat would be finding the balance between my alone time and the time I spend with others. I don't often honor my need to be by myself. I love being social, but it is only when I am alone that I can recharge.

top Blue Saks Fifth Avenue
top Blank NYC
top Nine West
top Ray-Ban
top Givenchy Carmin Escarpin (306)
(Shown above; the first pictured posted on As Inspired By.)

As Inspired By was first created in 2009. However, life threw me a few curve balls that I had to catch and stopped the blog. I made a few posts here and there, but it wasn't until September 19th, 2014, with the support of my boyfriend, that As Inspired By was reawakened. I am thankful to him for his encouragement, support, and talent as a graphic designer.

There is something about knits that adds an extra level of comfort on cold days. Top it off with your favorite hot drink, and cold weather can be enjoyable even for warm bodies like me. 

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top Second hand
top Target (old)
top Target
top Madden Girl

I've been experimenting with looks that have tough and dark characteristics. Tough and dark are not attributes I would typically use to describe myself. However, as minuscule as the representation of these attributes may be in my personality, it's still very fun to highlight them.

top J Brand
top Kenneth Cole 
top Vince Camuto
top Naya

I don't often curse. Maybe just once in a while during a soccer game. However, I can't find any other words to describe how this sweater makes me feel. So here it is, I feel like a bad ass!

top Express
top Alexander Wang x H&M
top Nike

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