I fell in love with Denver in 1990 when my family immigrated from Mexico. As a nine year old, I was only familiar with the concrete jungle of Mexico City and the actual jungle of of Veracruz, Denver was like nothing I had ever seen before. What stood out the most were the pointy roof houses with perfectly manicured lawns. More intriguing than snow was carpet! I thought it was strange that there was cloth on the floor. I'm still not used to that one, it seems so unhygienic.

Lately it seems that many other people are also falling in love with Denver, specially after Marijuana was legalized (which I'm sure is just a coincidence). Although the highways can be frustrating during rush hour, I get the sense that we are becoming a haven for artists. Walking around downtown Denver I feel surrounded by positive energy, and with almost every turn I see beautiful art. Below are just four pictures that I took. They don't cover all the beautiful things I saw, just the places I remembered to pull out my phone to picture.

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Going to the drive in theater is one of my top favorite things to do during the summer. Unlike a typical movie theater that cramps everyone into one room, the drive in is like a big camp out. If you're a talker you can do so freely without disturbing others because you're in the privacy of you own car. Vise versa, you're not disturbed by side conversations or crying babies. Even if you prefer to enjoy the movie al fresco on a lawn chair, there is enough space between you and your neighbor to maintain privacy. Not to mention the money you can save. Admission is cheaper than a regular movie theater, you get to watch 3 movies for the prize of one, and children are free.

The wait for it to get dark is just as fun as the movie itself; maybe funner? My boyfriend and I like to bring card and board games, our favorite being Phase 10. Some families bring footballs to throw around with the kids (that's also fun to watch). Many people bring coolers with food and snacks. We like to bring some drinks and snacks, but always make it a point to visit the concession stand to help fund the theater.

It's sad to think that thousands of drive in theaters have been shut down over the years. There are now only around 350 drive in theaters and these are projected to decrease due to digital projection. The production of tradition film is being eliminated and replaced by digital and many drive in theater can't afford to cost of the equipment to make the switch.

I encourage you to visit a drive in this summer and keep this american tradition going. If you do decide to have some fun under the stars don't forget to bring a blanket in case it gets to cool, a flashlight to find your way to the bathroom, window cleaner, bug spray and games!

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