I finally got my patent leather bow pumps back from the shoe repair shop. Last time I wore them I got my heel stuck in a crack on the pavement and pulled the tip off. I'm very happy to have them back, they even shinned them for me!

Yes, I'm wearing a figure forming mini. It's not very typical of me to be so risque, but I was totally inspired by Kayko Lynn's blog post. Which by coincidence, before even reading her post I had stood debating whether to get this, or the other (her) striped mini (they were side by side on the rack), or even getting one at all. Nonetheless, I opted for the stripes and also ended up getting a modest tunic to wear over it. So it was at perfect timing that when I dared to buy such a scandalous piece she would blog about it.
I did take it baby steps though and wore it with the tunic first.

Mini ~ F21
Zipper tank ~ F21
Jacket ~ F21 (a long time ago)
Bag ~ Express
Bracelet ~ Target
Pumps ~ Thrifted

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